RSCoders Team from Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada is proudly presenting the brand new FileIce file downloader, FileIce Downloader PRO v.2013
Updated 04-04-2015!

   So what is FileIce Downloader PRO and what can it do?

With  FileIce Downloader PRO you can download ANY FileIce file WITHOUT having to complete the survey,just as simple as that!
This hack works 100% guaranteed!
This program is free and it will always remain free!
 FileIce PRO uses Java Script to bypass the gateway protection.

Image Preview:


-download the Hack from our download link below.
-paste the FileIce link or mirror in the field.
-check Use Proxy if you live outside USA.
-check Save to Desktop to save the file to desktop,if not check the file will be saved to C:\\Downloads.
-hit Download File button to download the file and wait for confirmation.

File information:
-Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
-Latest update:4th of April 2015.
-Downloaded 7782 times.



All rights reserved,you are not allowed to modify this without the autors approval,however you may distribute it to as many persons you would like,but it must be FREE!

                                                   Thanks for understanding

 Disclaimer:This program has education purpose only,you take full responsability for how you are using it!